Enhancing the Customer Experience

Enhancing the Customer Experience and Taming Technical Debt

Global Managed Service Provider

The Challenge

Due to growth from multiple acquisitions, this leading IT services provider was challenged to maintain a positive customer experience on their customer-facing web portal and reduce technical debt costs. The company had inconsistent data in many duplicate systems that increased costs, reduced agility, and was potentially damaging customer trust. They had a monumental task of merging the data, creating a high-performance web portal, and reducing technical debt.

The Solution

EA defined a business-use-case strategic roadmap by prioritizing data and analytic applications and aligning technology. A modern data platform was built enabling access to historical data, improving performance of the customer portal, and enabling analytics for frequent updates and reporting. As a Snowflake partner we leveraged Snowflake’s Data Sharing and Source System Plug-ins, saving our client tens of thousands of dollars in reduction of licenses, servers, and maintenance costs. Customer satisfaction was dramatically improved through greater data transparency supporting deeper insights and analytics.

EA Capabilities

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Data and Analytics Strategy

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Modern Data Architecture

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Decision Driven, Visualizations

Supporting Technologies

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Value Delivered

Scaled Customer Applications. The company was able to refactor the customer application to use the new integrated data platform and significantly advance the performance and scope of the portal.

Plugged Operational Holes. A first-time holistic view of the data led to several cases where discrepancies between systems could be identified and corrected.

Ensured Data Confidence. Master Data Management processes and technologies were employed to drive to consistent reporting across applications and greater confidence by the business.

Technical Debt Reduced. Revenue leakage was identified and inefficiencies in service level agreements were corrected. Tens of thousands of dollars in savings was achieved through dramatic reduction of technical debt.