Snowflake for Supply Chain Excellence

Leveraging Snowflake’s Power for Supply Chain Excellence

6th Largest Private U.S. Company, Beverage Distribution Giant

The Challenge

The aggressive growth of this behemoth in the beverage distribution industry brought major challenges in supply chain operations. Through nationwide acquisition of multiple distributors, it inherited a hodgepodge of systems and processes. Products were not being shipped efficiently due to disparate systems and warehousing operations and fragmented transportation. This was magnified by an inability to use analytics to support the business because of an outdated architecture coupled with no strategic roadmap.

The Solution

EA reevaluated the supply/demand operations and determined how products could be shipped more efficiently. A strategic roadmap was defined prioritizing business use cases and analytic spend. A new analytics platform was designed and built, and the legacy platform was migrated to a cloud Azure/Snowflake cloud platform. Custom business applications were built for everyone from executive management to data scientists.

Customer Feedback

“Your team was a key driver in our digital transformation over the last several years. We truly appreciate your partnership, skill set, and passion for our projects. The Control Tower is still highly regarded and used on a day-to-day basis by our Operations team. They said they couldn’t run the business without it. It will live on for a long time.”

– Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

“New supply chain analytics were sorely needed, but we didn’t know how to get started. Our consultant quickly spotted problems from our limited data. He advanced our requirements and presented us with a Control Tower solution that meets our needs so much more completely than we’d ever imagined.”

– Vice President, Business Intelligence

EA Capabilities

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Supporting Technologies

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Value Delivered

Optimized Spend. The new solution allowed our client to only pay for what they use and easily bill back to different departments based on their individual usage.

Business Value. A “Control Tower”* was built to provide a holistic view of demand at 1/10 the cost of a packaged solution and proved to be highly successful.

Agility & Speed. The analytics team can now deftly adapt to changing business needs, and quickly deliver results.

* After enormous success, this platform has now been rolled out to sister companies in the organization.