Predicting Profits with Machine Learning

Predicting Profits with Machine Learning

Privately-held Real Estate Investment & Management

The Challenge

This privately-held real estate acquisition and management company determined that to retain a competitive edge and scale the business, automation of their property acquisition process was required. A project initiated with another consulting firm was not showing success and was on the precipice of failure due to inability to integrate data, make use of machine learning models, and filter data for investment decisions targeted to their business goals.

The Solution

EA quickly triaged the existing system to get it to an operational level and a series of strategic expansions and improvements were made to meet the business needs. An automated bidding system was developed using machine learning that analyzed MLS property listings, predicted value and ROI, and filtered properties based on investment criteria, such as location, price, property type, and expected return. Multiple investors were supported, and additional business needs were prioritized and delivered.

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Supporting Technologies

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Value Delivered

Increase Market Value. The company was able to scale their purchasing ability and gain additional investments at desired ROI.

Project Rescued. After initial fears of throwing away a major capital investment, EA was able to recover the project and reach desired ROI on the entire investment.

Data-Driven Business. The solutions from EA enabled this company to achieve their goal of a data-driven business with automated decision making using advanced analytics.