The Need for Strategic Assessment in Cloud-Native Analytics

One challenge many enterprises face during yearly budgeting and revenue cycles is the justification of further investment in areas that are hard to quantify, such as cloud-native analytics projects. When there’s a perception gap between analysts and the executive team about the actual effectiveness of your analytics, don’t just kick the tires—look under the hood with our Strategic Assessment and Roadmap service.

What Our Strategic Assessment Service Offers

Our time-tested Strategic Assessment service serves as the ideal launchpad to advocate for an enhanced analytics strategy for your enterprise executives. It provides an impartial view of your internal operations, accurately measuring the ROI on your data analytics platforms and cloud services. Additionally, the service offers a competitive analysis, comparing your firm’s efforts with those of rivals. Your customized assessment with review our four pillars.

  • AI/ML Applications
  • Analytic Use Case Development
  • Value Measurement
  • Adoption & Partnership
  • Business Justification
  • Analytics Organization
  • Capabilities, Processes, & COE
  • MDM Governance
  • Data & Tech Governance
  • Talent Enablement
  • The “Right” Data Management
  • Internal & External Data
  • Lean Data Architecture
  • Data & Data Movement
  • Data Quality
  • Platform Architecture
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Software Tools & Application
  • Security & Compliance
  • Scalability

The Impact of Strategic Assessment on Achieving Your Business Goals

Evolution Analytics has assisted numerous clients in realigning their investment goals and developing impactful cloud-based analytics frameworks. Our Strategic Assessment service is your first step toward this transformation. Let us help you understand which components are on track, why you may not be realizing the expected ROI, and how you compare to competitors. Typically, the Strategic Assessment deliverables include:

  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Maturity Scorecard
  • Prioritization and Opportunity Quadrant

The Next Step: Chart Your Course with Our Strategic Roadmap

You’ve completed Evolution Analytics’ Strategic Assessment and validated your improvement strategy. What’s next? Enter our Strategic Roadmap—a tailored guide designed to position your organization for maximum ROI in your analytics investments. Consider it your next logical phase for capitalizing on modern data analytics solutions and cloud/hybrid infrastructures.

Fast-Track Your Growth with Expert Consultation

Our consultants can distill the findings and recommendations from the Assessment in just a matter of days. This quick turnaround equips you with actionable next steps and a high-level strategy for carving out your path to success. Already have an existing roadmap? No worries—our seasoned consultants excel in evaluating, adapting, and implementing your plan to transform it into a best-in-class operation.

Customizing Strategic Roadmaps to Your Specific Needs

At Evolution Analytics, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer customization of our Strategic Roadmap service to align with your unique needs, whether it involves analytics platforms, data lakes and warehouses, cloud-based infrastructures, or a mix of these elements. Make your technology investments truly count with a roadmap that’s as unique as your organization.

Assessment and Roadmap Consultants